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     4z3wingdbg: Wing IDE debugger integration for Zope3 
     10Zope3 package providing debug integration with the Wing IDE, allowing you to 
     11run Zope3 applications under the control of the Wing debugger. 
     16- Zope 3 (>= 3.3) 
     17- Wing IDE (>= 2.0.2) 
     22Simply install this package using the standard distutils mantra:: 
     24  $ python install 
     26Alternatively, you can install z3wingdbg straight into a Zope3 instance by  
     27using the --home switch:: 
     29  $ python install --home=/path/to/instance 
     31Then copy the included ``z3wingdbg-include.zcml`` file to your Zope3 instance's 
     32``etc/package-includes`` directory (or link it) to have Zope3 load z3wingdbg. 
     37z3wingdbg adds a few configuration objects to the root site manager at 
     38/++etc++site/default/WingConfiguration. Server configuration objects can be 
     39found on the Contents tab, while the Edit tab lets you set general options. In 
     40a future release the included debugger management views will include a more 
     41userfriendly way of altering the configation, as well as documentation. 
     43In the root ZMI view of your Zope3 instance, a link titled  
     44'Manage Wing Debugger' leads to /++wing++debugger/, where you can control the  
     45debug server. Once started, all calls to the debug server (by default, an HTTP 
     46server listening on http://localhost:50080/) can be controlled by the Wing IDE. 
     51Project homepage (including downloads) 
     57Subversion Repository 
     61Reporting bugs, feature requests