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(edit) @372   6 years mj The repository has moved to GitHub?.com
(edit) @371   8 years mj Declare the keyword (oopsie)
(edit) @370   8 years mj Update the copyright declaration
(edit) @369   8 years mj Make error handling configurable
(edit) @27   13 years mj Re-create 1.0.0 tag properly.
(edit) @26   13 years mj Aarg, foiled again. Remove botched tag.
(edit) @25   13 years mj Include the README in the release.
(edit) @24   13 years mj Add a simple readme.
(edit) @23   13 years mj Cut a 1.0.0 release.
(edit) @22   13 years mj Prepare for 1.0.0: add metadata.
(edit) @21   13 years mj Make first release; 0.9.0 is also the first release candidate.
(edit) @20   13 years mj Add distutils support.
(edit) @19   13 years mj Fix doctest call to tested function.
(edit) @18   13 years mj Add newline at end of file
(edit) @17   13 years mj Convenience method: convert plain text to flowed; it uses a rather naive …
(edit) @16   13 years mj Reshuffle the private class to another section, add section labels
(edit) @15   13 years mj convertToWrapped is trying to do too much; just return \n-delimited …
(edit) @14   13 years mj Change doctest to avoid reliance on whitespace at end of lines.
(edit) @13   13 years mj Add a encode method and a convinience function calling the new method. …
(edit) @12   13 years mj Make a comment a little clearer.
(edit) @11   13 years mj Break up the long documentation/test chunks with some headers.
(edit) @10   13 years mj A format=flowed encoder; only encodes one chunk at a time ATM.
(edit) @9   13 years mj Keep docstrings readable in python interpreters and other environments; …
(edit) @8   13 years mj Switch to symbolic constants for chunk types
(edit) @7   13 years mj Correctly deal with foreign charactersets; RFCs 2046 and 2822 state that …
(edit) @6   13 years mj Add new functions to exported symbols.
(edit) @5   13 years mj Use decode convenience function instead.
(edit) @4   13 years mj Convenience functions: * decode, a shortcut to creating a decoder …
(edit) @3   13 years mj format=flowed decoder with doctests
(edit) @2   13 years mj Initial boilerplate for the library
(add) @1   13 years mj Create format=flowed library structure.
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