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(edit) @372   6 years mj The repository has moved to GitHub?.com
(edit) @371   8 years mj Declare the keyword (oopsie)
(edit) @370   8 years mj Update the copyright declaration
(edit) @369   8 years mj Make error handling configurable
(edit) @368   10 years mj Only managers should be able to add new users; we don't allow community …
(edit) @367   10 years mj Various tweaks, sensible settings.
(edit) @366   10 years mj Some default settings; note that the title is the old NHUF name; we'll …
(edit) @365   10 years mj Add a profile with some defaults.
(edit) @364   10 years mj A products directory is required to run
(edit) @363   10 years mj Specify .deployment as an egg dependency so it is actually used
(edit) @362   10 years mj We'll need at least LP 2.2
(edit) @361   10 years mj Add new .deployment package to buildout
(edit) @360   10 years mj Start a .deployment package
(edit) @359   10 years mj Start NHUF area with dev buildout
(edit) @358   11 years mj Merge Wing 3b1 changes.
(edit) @357   11 years mj Now that Wing 3b1 is here, branch for WingDBG v2
(edit) @356   12 years mj Fix sort
(edit) @355   12 years mj Add new Zope3 framework classifier.
(edit) @354   12 years mj Use a UtilityVocabulary? baseclass instead of a homebrew factory
(edit) @353   12 years mj Default socket to None, to ensure handling
(edit) @352   12 years mj Update for future versions
(edit) @351   12 years mj Create 0.2.0 release
(edit) @350   12 years mj Prepare a release
(edit) @349   12 years mj Update changelog (and fix some typos in the previous version log)
(edit) @348   12 years mj Update i18n files
(edit) @347   12 years mj Dealt with
(edit) @346   12 years mj Also catch import errors for the debuggerFactory
(edit) @345   12 years mj Dealt with
(edit) @344   12 years mj Just use a DebugServerStartError? instead of a runtime error
(edit) @343   12 years mj Implement attachment port password configurations
(edit) @342   12 years mj Add remaining fields with defaults to the config implementation
(edit) @341   12 years mj Collapse nested if statements
(edit) @340   12 years mj Specify attachment password source options, and invariants
(edit) @339   12 years mj Remove auto-reconnecting as a YAGNI
(edit) @338   12 years mj Document the auto-start change
(edit) @337   12 years mj Disable autostart when not in debug mode or when allowing remote …
(edit) @336   12 years mj Make note of security-related todo items
(edit) @335   12 years mj The "cornercases" where caused by the registration of the attach socket …
(edit) @334   12 years mj Just use the sockets themselves as dict keys; their id is also their …
(edit) @333   12 years mj The debugger can register both a remote-attach listener socket as well as …
(edit) @332   12 years mj Clear out references in a more robust way; only delete objects with actual …
(edit) @331   12 years mj When the IDE disconnects, we may loose the reactor during callback …
(edit) @330   12 years mj Make note of the oversight
(edit) @329   12 years mj Remove obsolete import; masked by a stale .pyc file
(edit) @328   12 years mj More todo items
(edit) @327   12 years mj Finalize remote attachment (most changes already checked in earlier by …
(edit) @326   12 years mj We delete the reactor attribute, so use getattr
(edit) @325   12 years mj Update changelog
(edit) @324   12 years mj self.reactor may already be gone
(edit) @323   12 years mj Add ommitted file from generations setup
(edit) @322   12 years mj getsockname is invalid here
(edit) @321   12 years mj Selectables are assumed to be protocols sometimes; a connectionLost method …
(edit) @320   12 years mj Docs update
(edit) @319   12 years mj Convert the bootstrap code to using; more efficient …
(edit) @318   12 years mj Add item
(edit) @317   12 years mj Having released, I can clear the packaging info entry..
(edit) @316   12 years mj Start a changelog entry for a future release
(edit) @315   12 years mj Re-cut release with fixed
(edit) @314   12 years mj Re-release snafu; remove old tag first
(edit) @313   12 years mj Fix release with Zope3 framework classifier removed.
(edit) @312   12 years mj PyPi? will not accept the zope3 framework classifier
(edit) @311   12 years mj Release 0.1.0
(edit) @310   12 years mj Let's cut a release
(edit) @309   12 years mj Add documentation
(edit) @308   12 years mj Remove now-unused import
(edit) @307   12 years mj Remove data-install hack, only needed for "data" files, not "package_data" …
(edit) @306   12 years mj Fix actual installation of datafiles. Boy, distutils can be painful
(edit) @305   12 years mj Link to
(edit) @304   12 years mj Reword description
(edit) @303   12 years mj Newline
(edit) @302   12 years mj Packaging code and metadata
(edit) @301   12 years mj Strike the i18n item
(edit) @300   12 years mj Missed some messages in the template
(edit) @299   12 years mj Compile .po files
(edit) @298   12 years mj Add i18n files to aid future translations. Also, get rid of the optional …
(edit) @297   12 years mj Add some much-needed commas
(edit) @296   12 years mj Shorten schema descriptions (leave the rest to the docs) and provide i18n …
(edit) @295   12 years mj Get i18n out into a .pot file
(edit) @294   12 years mj Mark auto-reconnect as a possible not-needed-feature
(edit) @293   12 years mj Correct typo in filename (oops)
(edit) @292   12 years mj Add copyright and licensing information
(edit) @291   12 years mj Remove pdb turd
(edit) @290   12 years mj Move delayed reactor import down to where we use it
(edit) @289   12 years mj Implement auto-starting
(edit) @288   12 years mj Don't wait for the reactor to start when running the thread, this is a …
(edit) @287   12 years mj Get the message factory from zope.i18n
(edit) @286   12 years mj Starting the debugger can now throw a IDE connection exception too
(edit) @285   12 years mj Add auto-connecting; connect to the IDE when the server starts
(edit) @284   12 years mj One more spot where we put the event on a thread. I call YAGNI
(edit) @283   12 years mj Deal with exceptions in the UI
(edit) @282   12 years mj Correct logic error
(edit) @281   12 years mj Logging works fine from our side, config settings may need more …
(edit) @280   12 years mj Update TODO
(edit) @279   12 years mj Simplify IDE connection events somewhat; no real point in putting them on …
(edit) @278   12 years mj Use the new exceptions, wait for the IDE to connect, and don't bother with …
(edit) @277   12 years mj Define exceptions to be thrown
(edit) @276   12 years mj Revert accidental class property delete
(edit) @275   12 years mj Further study of the sourcecode reveals that the random password is …
(edit) @274   12 years mj Correct grammar snafu
(edit) @273   12 years mj Set a random string password on the network server to ensure connections …
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